ADASTRA has vast experience in analytical research

Since our creation, ADASTRA`s team has prepared more than 500 various analytical products related to politics, economics, law, energy & environment, security, informational, military, and social policy. 
Our experts covered more than 150 world states from all world subregions in their analytical research.


We offer to our clients all kinds of research

Political Research

● Analysis of existing parties (both parliamentary & non-parliamentary) and important political figures●  Analysis of decision-making process at national and regional levels● Research on existing groups of influence ● Research of regional political landscape

Market Research

● Analysis of market competitors● Analysis of existing market prices● Analysis of market segmentation● Analysis of market trends● SWOT/PEST analysis

Legal Research

●  Analysis of bills/draft bills●  Analysis of degrees● Analysis of court rulings●Analysis of legislative and regulatory framework in a particular industry

Marketing Research

● Short and long-term strategies how to promote products/services● Analysis of target audience● Analysis of consumers` preferences● Positioning research 

Data Collection

● Interviews ● Opinion polling● Focus groups research● Brand awareness research● Social media monitoring