ADASTRA AGENCY - is an independent Ukrainian consulting firm, specializing in external economic activity, research and governmental affairs.
Within the evolution of Think Tank ADASTRA, a part of our team decided to move towards consulting activities. ADASTRA AGENCY still cooperates with think tank experts, but functions on an entirely independent basis. 
ADASTRA AGENCY unites people from different backgrounds, giving our clients the chance to get versatile views on their request. We discuss each case together to allocate the best-suited persons to work on it while always remaining in touch with each other.
ADASTRA AGENCY is based in Kyiv. However, we think beyond borders having connections in either Ottawa, Buenos-Aires, Riyadh, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw, Beijing, New Delhi, or Singapore.
ADASTRA AGENCY is proud of its abundant chain of national and international partners. Our network of trade chambers, business associations, embassies, and various consultancies in every part of the world gives us a chance to work on unique cases, making us ready for the most outstanding requests.
ADASTRA`s philosophy is about becoming the bridge between Ukrainian and foreign stakeholders to help Ukraine realize its global potential.. 
ADASTRA AGENCY is here to make it happen!