ADASTRA has vast experience in all possible kinds of analytical research

Since our creation, ADASTRA`s team has prepared more than 500 various analytical products related to politics, economics, law, energy & environment, security, informational, military, and social policy.

Our experts covered more than 120 world states from all world subregions, including even Oceania, in their analytical research.


We offer to our clients all kinds of research

Political Research

● Analysis of existing parties (both parliamentary & non-parliamentary) and important political figures●  Analysis of decision-making process at national and regional levels● Research on existing groups of influence ● Research of regional political landscape

Market Research

● Analysis of market competitors● Analysis of existing market prices● Analysis of market segmentation● Analysis of market trends● SWOT/PEST analysis of the market entry

Legal Research

●  Analysis of bills/draft bills●  Analysis of degrees● Analysis of court rulings●Analysis of existing legislative and regulatoryframework in a particular industry

Marketing Research

● Short and long-term strategies how to promote products/services● Analysis of target audience● Analysis of consumers` preferences● Positioning research 

Data Collection

● Interviews ● Opinion polling● Focus groups research● Brand awareness research● Social media monitoring