Ranked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index


Ranked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index

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The European Youth Capital 2023:Lublin is Ready and Set

Julia Dziuba (Poland)

Media Without Choice: What Is Going On With the Polish Media System?

Julia Smogorzewska (Poland)

The Lublin Triangle: a Polish Look at the Establishment of the Initiative

Piotr Obszarski (Poland)

One Small Step for Arbitrators, One Giant Leap for Arbitration: Drafting the Code of Conduct for Adjudicators

Valeriia Yakimova (Ukraine)

2020 in Latin America: a Political Roller Coaster

Dulce María Hernández Márquez (Mexico)

Can the International Criminal Court Restore Fairness for Ukraine?

Valeriia Yakimova (Ukraine)

Chinese Leadership: From ‘Soft Power’ to ‘Sharp Power’

Serhii Nasadiuk (Ukraine)

Peruvian Political Crisis: Three Presidents in One Week

Dulce María Hernández Márquez (Mexico)

Should Tariffs Be Increased on Chinese Imports of the United States?

Alexander Pepper (United States)

Digitalization of Arbitration: Successful Future or Problematic Reality?

Valeriia Yakimova (Ukraine)

The Resource Curse: a Path toward Stagnation or Development?

Vladyslav Konstiantynivskyi (Canada)


Think tank ADASTRA, the Ukrainian independent think tank with expertise in international affairs. It is the only think tank in Ukraine specializing in the study of international relations / international law / international economy: we explore all international topics, including what is missing in the Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking media space, such as France's space policy or Japanese foreign policy, Qatar-Bahrain ICJ case, the Nigerian economy, and many other themes.
The lack of an acting mechanism to respond effectively to threats and changes in the international relations system and a predominantly narrow vision of domestic stakeholders to operate exclusively in the 'Washington-Brussels-Moscow' triangle prompted us towards the foundation of the think tank ADASTRA, designed to become an objective and impartial 'brain box' of Ukraine in a global world. Our activities are aimed at opening promising economic and political platforms for Ukraine: therefore, we can be useful for executive bodies, NGOs, and for private enterprises willing to understand how to run their business in a world where the GDP of Nigeria outnumbers by three GDP of Ukraine.