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  • What is HackUkraine?

    HackUkraine is a special project of the foreign-policy think tank «ADASTRA» aimed at broadening an often narrow understanding of Ukrainian politics, legal system, and economic development. Initially, ADASTRA`s foremost ambition was to open the world to Ukraine, and now it is high-time to HackUkraine for the World. In monthly digests (20-30 pages each), our seasoned experts will deliver research on the main political, legal, and economic issues discussed openly or sometimes off-the-record behind closed doors.

  • What is ADASTRA?

    ADASTRA" is the first Ukrainian independent think tank with expertise in international relations, international law and economics. It’s research covers all international topics, including those missing in the Ukrainian-and Russian-speaking media space, such as French space policy or Japanese foreign policy, Oceania insurgency, and many other. The think tank collaborates with various national as well as foreign (Polish, Lithuanian, Hungarian) media, radio stations, TV-channels, embassies, MPs, governmental bodies, trade chambers and numerous research institutions from the whole world (Canada, USA, Argentina, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Georgia, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Spain, France, etc).

  • Who finances ADASTRA?

    ADASTRA is committed to diversifying as wide as possible its funding sources. ADASTRA greets individual donations, but they are relatively small as we are not affiliated with any particular political and financial group, being our chief donor. Most of our earnings come from ADASTRA independent projects, helping us pursue our work, such as HackUkraine, our membership program, law firm, and educational platform.

  • Who is writing HackUkraine?

    HackUkraine is written by a group of ADASTRA Senior Fellows, Associate Fellows, and outsource experts, who advise us on specific issues, enabling HackUkraine team to cover all needed information. Our experts regularly communicate with MPs, civil servants, or entrepreneurs to better understand Ukraine's political, legal, and economic situation to be further described in our digest.

  • Who may be interested in HackUkraine?

    HackUkraine attracts a wide range of subscribers from business executives, NGO workers, foreign think tanks, decision-makers, investors to politicians, journalists, diplomats, research analysts, political observers, or virtually anyone interested in Ukraine.

  • Why should I subscribe to HackUkraine?

    In the modern fake news world, it is crucial to get information about the real state of affairs. Our experts create a depth-in analysis of the current political environment in Ukraine and present a unique take on the issues, mixing the understanding of the situation and verified insights. ADASTRA is a reputable independent and impartial think tank: we would never put our reputation at stake, presenting you lobbying or biased pieces.

  • How often would I get HackUkraine?

    At the beginning of each month we will send you a new HackUkraine digest per email

  • How do I purchase a subscription?

    After clicking the «Subscribe» button and filling the contact form, your request will be relocated to our servers. In no time you will be sent payment instructions and IBAN of ADASTRA`s bank account by email.

  • Is it possible to order a custom research on any particular issue?

    Sure, with the help of in-house experts and an abundant outsource net, our think-tank and «HackUkraine» project in particular are capable of covering a good deal of topics (e.g., infrastructure, construction industry, energy, agriculture, space policies, defence industry). The price is established only after a first-look analysis of the research complexity.

  • Where would you spend my subscription fee?

    Your subscription fee enables Think Tank ADASTRA to explore new research activities, organize more panel discussions, engage prominent Ukraine experts, prepare recommendations for Ukrainian state bodies, and do many more things to make Ukraine a global international relations player.

  • How to get in contact with us?

    E-mail HackUkraine

    E-mail ADASTRA

Think Tank ADASTRARanked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania"TTCSP"