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The Ukraine-Canada Strategic Dialogue is a special project of the foreign policy think tank ADASTRA aimed at promoting the development of bilateral relations between Ukraine and Canada which are in need, like any process in this world, of constant improvement. 
This project is all about Canada-Ukraine relations and is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Canada, which will be celebrated on Jan. 27, 2022. 

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Modernization of the CUFTA: what to expect? 

by Taras Prodaniuk


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How Historical Mistakes Spoiled Canada Day: Lessons for Ukraine

by Taras Prodaniuk

European Pravda

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How do Canadian business feel in Ukraine? 

by Taras Prodaniuk


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Recomendations for foreign policy of Ukraine: Canada 

by Taras Prodaniuk & ADASTRA


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Prospects for the economic development between Ukraine and Canada

Invited Experts

YouTube Recording

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How to strengthen Ukraine-Canada relations

by Taras Prodaniuk


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Balance of Existing Political and Economic Relations between Ukraine and Canada

Invited Experts

YouTube Recording

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Here you can find answers to questions concerning Ukraine-Canada Strategic Dialogue

  • What are main aim, goals and objectives?

    Aim: Promotion of the development of bilateral relations between Ukraine and Canada.
    Objectives:● Identify areas of cooperation in dire need of regulatory changes.● Outline main risk factors for Canada in investing in Ukraine.● Analyze foreign economic trends of bilateral trade between Ukraine and Canada and CUFTA`s modernization prospects.● Evaluate the possibility of expanding military cooperation between our two countries.● Evaluate the role and effectiveness of cooperation in the educational field between Ukraine and Canada.● Facilitate the exchange of experience in the areas of energy, ecology, and digital transformation of the state between the governments of Canada and Ukraine.
    Goals:● Develop recommendations for Ukrainian government agencies & policymakers to boost relations between Kyiv and Ottawa.● Propose new models of cooperation between Ukraine and Canada.

  • Who funds this project?

    This project is financed by the ADASTRA think tank.

  • Can I support the 'Ukraine-Canada Strategic Dialogue'?

    Sure, you can support our think tank in our research studies and help us pursue our primary goal — making Ukraine global.
    We would highly appreciate the chance to:● Receive any specific data that can be useful during research analysis.● Establish partner relations with international and national media outlets to promote the results of our research.● Discover your business experience in dealing with Ukraine.● Cooperate with different institutions that have an interest in this program● Connect with experts on bilateral Ukraine-Canada relations to better develop our research program
    Besides, you can support us by donating. You can do that by following the form below.

  • Who is a contact person for this project?

    This project have been masterminded by co-founder of ADASTRA think tank & Canadian Global Affairs Institute Fellow — Taras Prodaniuk.
    Taras Prodaniuk*Facebook Page — Page — — au.gro.artsada%40kuinadorp*You can contact him if you have any questions about this project, or in general, regarding the think tank ADASTRA

"It is time to convert our friendship and sympathy into a mutually beneficial cause. Whether it’s security, or trade, or education, we are in a genuine win-win position to work and succeed together."

Andriy Shevchenko

Ambassador, Embassy of Ukraine to Canada

"The Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement entered into force on August 1st 2017 and today, four years later we are embarking on its modernization."

Larisa Galadza

Ambassador, Embassy of Canada to Ukraine

"The relationship between Ukraine and Canada has always been warm. Canada is an attractive economic and cultural partner for Ukraine. Plenty of reasons for that, but the most important one is the level of our values unity built for years through diplomatic missions, bilateral visits, and mutual successful projects. I believe this pillar will firmly hold our friendship in many centuries to come!"

Lesia Zaburanna

Member of Parliament of Ukraine, co-head of of the Interparliamentary Group with Canada

"What we have been doing is putting bricks on the wall, but we have not tried to create a situation where that wall may not be necessary in the future, what's missing in Canadian policy is the proactive diplomatic side that could try and facilitate a solution."

Andrew Rasiulis

Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

"Ensuring the success of existing large foreign investor’s projects is the best way to attract further foreign investments."

Matt Simpson

CEO, Black Iron

"Cooperation of Canada and Ukraine for humanitarian purposes in third countries would deepen their existing relations. Both countries have a high profile and practical experience in demining activities. They should cooperate in demining Karabakh, where the Armenian side, violating customary international humanitarian law, has refused to turn necessary maps over to the Azerbaijani side."

Robert Cutler

Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute.


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