Ranked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index



Ranked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index



— is a Ukrainian think tank of social science fellows developing data-driven research for policy innovation. 

Support the Education and Research 🔬 ADASTRA

Donate today and help secure the home of independent researchers standing for independent thinking that drives the future of Ukraine.

ADASTRA Fellows — is an important platform for meaningful dialogue, in-depth analysis, and innovative implications in the realm of social sciences. As an independent Nonprofit, ADASTRA operates without government funding. The annual budget is essential for sustaining our mission and day-to-day operations. Every donation to ADASTRA helps us:
● Upholding our independence and unbiased approach to research and policy analysis.● Strengthening programs that empower and educate the next generation in global affairs.● Support young scientists and scholars who are investigating the nature of politics, economy and law.● Extending our ideas to diverse, global audiences via various channels.● Assisting policymakers with data-based insights for informed decision-making.
Your support is instrumental in helping ADASTRA build a future that is safe, prosperous, and resilient.

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Granting ADASTRA significant support

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Granting ADASTRA Significant Support

ADASTRA is actively inviting both short-term and long-term benefactors to support its endeavours. Patrons have the option to allocate their donations in various ways:

    Institutional Support — This includes the sustenance of our office, our team, and digital expenditures.
    Programme Development — Funds here are directed towards advancing specific research or educational programmes.
    Fellowships — Donors may sponsor fellowships that align with ADASTRA's focal areas, aiding individual researchers or projects.


What is Fellowship at ADASTRA? 

It is a research program that offers scholars an opportunity and infrastructure to undertake focused research on specific questions for a set duration. The program aims to generate valuable insights to aid organisations (Business, State, Society) or individuals with a stake in the research outcomes. Fellowships are individual and flexible. They may include conducting research, collecting data, developing projects or organising events.

Why Fund a Fellowship?

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Partner with ADASTRA Fellows to solve industry-specific problems at a fraction of the cost of traditional research consultancies.

  • Building Expertise in Your Industry

    Invest in specialised fellowships to develop high-skilled experts tailored to your industry's needs, creating a valuable resource for future projects and industry development.

  • Advancing Ukrainian Science

    Your investment in fellowships contributes significantly to the development of Ukrainian science, supporting the growth of young, talented researchers.

  • Supporting Future Talent

    Your partnership with ADASTRA not only nurtures scientific talent but also opens avenues for potentially hiring these experts post-research, ensuring a continuous flow of innovation in your business.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    By funding ADASTRA Fellowships, your company demonstrates a strong commitment to corporate responsibility for education, enhancing your brand's social impact and reputation.

  • Enhancing Brand Visibility

    Aligning with ADASTRA elevates your brand's presence and recognition within the scientific and professional community, particularly among young, forward-thinking professionals.


Topics We Research:

    Foreign Policy and Global Politics (Conflicts and Crisis, Electoral Studies, Space Politics, Democracy, Transparency, Security, Military Studies, Cyber Security, Behavioural AI, Social-Tech Influence, Disinformation)

    Political Economy (Post-War Economics, Green Transition, Sustainability, Energy, Migration, Social Capital, Demographic Studies)

    Legal Studies (Human Rights, International Criminal Justice, EU Integration Studies, Public Law, Aquis Communitaire)

Methods We Employ:

Quantitative, Qualitative Methods; Social Experiments, Surveys, Content Analysis, Quantitative Text Analysis, Causal Inference, Historical Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Participant Observation, and Desk Research.


If you're interested in supporting ADASTRA or require further information, you can easily reach out to us. We welcome inquiries either through email or by completing the form available here. This provides a direct line of communication for any questions, donation intentions, or discussions about potential partnerships.


B10, UNIT.City, Kyiv, Ukraine



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