Ranked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index



Ranked Best New Think Tank by 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index



We are a Ukrainian independent think tank of social science fellows developing data-driven research for policy innovation.

ADASTRA's Role in Society —

ADASTRA Fellows helps people, societies, and governments comprehend the intricacies of the social world, shaping policies and developing research projects that align with driving global prosperity. 
Since 2019, ADASTRA has been a source of independent analysis, trusted dialogue and a platform for sharing influential ideas. We work to empower and educate the next generation of youngsters to change the world for the better, build it resilient, make it sustainable and prosper.  
In 2020, ADASTRA, serving as a think tank, achieved international recognition as the Best New Think Tank in the Go Global Think Tank Index, prepared by the University of Pennsylvania.


Brief History of ADASTRA —

ADASTRA was founded in 2019 by a group of young professionals specialising in international relations. Their goal was to enhance the domestic information landscape with high-quality analysis of the foreign policies of countries worldwide. ADASTRA emerged in response to the pressing issue of the Ukrainian foreign policy's excessive focus on the geopolitical triangle of the USA-EU-Russia, which constrained Ukraine's diplomatic manoeuvrability and shaped the perspectives of its citizens. The think tank remained steadfast in its belief, both then and now, that Ukrainian foreign policy should adopt a global perspective, particularly in the interconnected world of this century. Relationships with all nations are just as essential for Ukraine as engagement with major players.
To this day, ADASTRA continues to analyse topics that rarely find their way into the Ukrainian-language internet space, including space policy in the UAE, terrorism in West Africa, the political situation in Brunei, Turkey's African policy, bilateral relations between Chile and Peru, energy diplomacy in Turkmenistan, and much more. 
In 2023, ADASTRA elevated its activities to a new level by expanding its focus to encompass all social sciences, extending beyond the confines of foreign policy analysis.

Interested Parties of ADASTRA's Activities —

ADASTRA caters to a diverse and engaged audience, extending its services to individuals, organisations, and government bodies with a keen interest in international affairs, global policies, and social sciences. Our target audience includes:

  • Policy Makers and Government Officials

    ADASTRA provides invaluable insights and research to policymakers at local, national, and international levels. We offer data-driven analyses to help shape effective policies, navigate complex international relations, and make informed decisions.

  • Academics and Researchers

    Scholars and researchers in the fields of international relations, political science, economics, and social sciences benefit from ADASTRA's in-depth studies and reports. We contribute to academic discourse and provide a valuable resource for those conducting research in these areas.

  • Business Leaders and Corporations

    Companies operating in the global market rely on ADASTRA's expertise to understand geopolitical risks, market trends, and economic developments. Our research assists businesses in making informed decisions about expansion, investments, and risk management.

  • Civil Society and NGOs

    Non-governmental organisations and civil society groups seeking to address international challenges find ADASTRA's analysis and research instrumental in advocating for social and political change. We provide valuable information to support their initiatives.

  • Educators and Students

    ADASTRA serves as an educational resource for teachers and students, helping to enhance their understanding of social sciences, global affairs and international relations. Our content is accessible and informative for educational purposes.

  • Media and Journalists

    Journalists and media outlets turn to ADASTRA for expert opinions, data, and analyses to provide accurate and comprehensive coverage of international events and issues. We contribute to informed journalism and storytelling.

  • General Public

    ADASTRA aims to make complex international issues more accessible to the general public. We provide informative articles, reports, and resources to engage and educate citizens interested in global affairs and policy matters.

  • International Organisations

    International bodies and organisations, such as the United Nations and regional associations, may benefit from ADASTRA's research and insights in their decision-making processes and collaborative efforts.

ADASTRA's Activities —

  • In-depth Social Science Research

    ADASTRA conducts comprehensive research in social sciences, delving into societal, political, and economic complexities using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

  • Research Education

    The organisation educates on social science research methodologies through lectures, courses, and workshops, enhancing understanding and application of research techniques.

  • Policy Innovation

    ADASTRA is committed to innovating policy-making, developing forward-thinking solutions and strategies that effectively address contemporary issues.

  • Organising Events

    It hosts diverse events, including seminars and conferences, panels, facilitating knowledge exchange among researchers, scholars, students, businesses, NGOs, and policymakers.

  • Developing Data Library

    ADASTRA is committed to developing a comprehensive data library, collecting and curating data sets that are valuable for various research projects. This resource aims to support scholars, students, and other researchers in accessing relevant data for their work, enhancing the overall quality and scope of research in social sciences.

  • Publishing

    ADASTRA produces varied publications such as explainers, op-eds, commentaries, and specialised papers in research, policy, and reviews, contributing significantly to scholarly discourse.

  • Media Presence

    The think tank has a robust media presence, offering expert opinions across TV and radio broadcasts and assisting foreign media in Ukraine.

  • Promoting Science

    Advocates for transparent and engaging science education, aiming to yield applicable results for the public good.

  • Student Involvement

    Encourages active student participation in research and project-based learning, fostering a hands-on educational experience.

  • Community Development

    Here at ADASTRA, we are developing a proactive community of researchers in social sciences for a better future.

  • Partnership with Other Think Tanks and NGOs

    ADASTRA actively collaborates with other think tanks and non-governmental organisations, forming alliances that enhance its research and policy impact. These partnerships facilitate knowledge exchange, joint projects, and the sharing of best practices, contributing to a broader understanding and more effective solutions in social sciences.

  • Partnership with Universities and Businesses

    ADASTRA forges partnerships with universities and business entities to blend theoretical research with practical applications. These collaborations involve integrating academic insights with industry expertise, facilitating fellowship programs, and enabling joint ventures that enhance both research outcomes and real-world implementations. This synergy aims to produce mutually beneficial results, advancing academic knowledge and addressing practical business challenges.

ADASTRA's Key Objectives —

    ADASTRA strives to facilitate the implementation of positive changes in society. This includes entrenching democratic values, respecting citizens' rights and freedoms, upholding the rule of law, and ensuring transparency in government operations.
    The think tank works to establish efficient communication between the private, public, and civil sectors, aiming to create a cohesive approach to societal development.
    ADASTRA aids in transforming Ukraine into a significant player on the global stage, enhancing its international presence and influence.
    The think tank intensifies interest among the public, media, private sector, and government agencies in collaborating with countries worldwide, recognising the importance of global partnerships.
    The organisation contributes to the effective execution of Ukraine's internal and foreign policies through in-depth research and critical analysis of global trends and phenomena, hence decisions should be data-driven.
    Our community of fellows support the recovery and rebuilding of Ukraine, focusing on developing strategies and providing expert insights to rebuild and strengthen the nation's infrastructure, economy, and societal framework post-conflict. 

ADASTRA Sets Three Ambitious Goals —

  • Empowering Education, Research & Data Development


    ADASTRA is committed to advancing education in Ukraine via research and data development, focusing on gathering, analysing, and managing extensive data sets to support its in-depth social science research. This involves not only the collection and curation of relevant data but also the development of methodologies and tools for effective data analysis. The aim is to provide a robust foundation for evidence-based policy recommendations and scholarly work, ensuring that all research outputs are grounded in accurate and comprehensive data.

  • Engaging in State Decision-Making


    ADASTRA aims to actively participate in governmental decision-making by appointing its experts as advisors in various central executive bodies. The think tank's involvement in public councils enables it to offer informed recommendations, ensuring decisions are data-driven and based on thorough research. This strategic engagement underscores ADASTRA's commitment to influencing policy and fostering informed governance.

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    Global Recognition


    ADASTRA aims to achieve prominent status as one of the top think tanks in the Central Eastern Europe Region. This aspiration reflects its commitment to excellence in research, policy innovation, and impactful contributions to social sciences and international relations. Achieving this recognition would signify ADASTRA's success in influencing both regional and global discourse and policy.

ADASTRA's Manifesto —


ADASTRA's Address —


B10, UNIT.City, Kyiv, Ukraine




ADASTRA's Legal Entity —

ADASTRA operates within the think tank and fellowship community as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation known legally as "NGO ADASTRA ANALYTICS." It engages in public policy research and analysis, aiming to contribute to the global discourse on various social, economic, and political issues. As a registered NGO, ADASTRA is dedicated to providing independent analysis and promoting democratic values and innovation in policy-making through its community of fellows and researchers.

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Kyiv, Ukraine, Vasylia Verkhovyntsiа Street, B12, Office 208


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— are team members engaged in specific research, influencing their respective sectors through scholarly work and analysis. They're not just employees; they're thought leaders contributing to the advancement of their industries.


— is a program at ADASTRA that offers scholars the opportunity and infrastructure to undertake focused research on specific questions for a set duration. The program aims to generate valuable insights to aid organisations or individuals with a stake in the research outcomes.

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